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ecol. hort. urban green lung [idiom] [green spaces, parks etc. in urban regions]grüne Lunge {f} [Redewendung] [Grünflächen, Parks etc. in Großstädten]
Partial Matches
[rules and regulations concerning parking in urban areas or in car parks]Parkraumbewirtschaftung {f}
urban non-places [after Marc Augé - monofunctional spaces in urban & suburban areas, e.g., shopping malls]Nicht-Orte {pl} [nach Marc Augé - mono-funktional genutzte Flächen im urbanen und suburbanen Raum, z. B. Einkaufszentren]
tech. green sand [used in mold casting and not green in color]Nassgussformsand {m}
math. Green's theorems [also: theorems of Green, Green's identities]greensche Theoreme {pl}
art paul veronese green [often capitalized: Paul Veronese green] [emerald green]Paul-Veronese-Grün {n} [auch: Paul-Veronesergrün]
chem. Mitis green [Paris green, Schweinfurt green]Mitisgrün {n} [Kupfer(II)-arsenitacetat]
yellow / green striped {adj} [yellow-green / yellow/green striped]gelb-grün gestreift
green space [as opposed to urban development]Grünraum {m}
log flume [in amusement parks]Wildwasserbahn {f} [in Freizeitparks]
jobs [woman who rents out chairs in public parks]Sesselfrau {f} [österr.] [veraltet] [Sesselvermieterin]
orn. T
orn. T
unit stère [measurement unit for cut up wood with spaces in between]Schüttraummeter {m} <srm>
med. coccygodynia [pain in the coccyx (and adjacent regions)]Kokzygodynie {f} [chron. Schmerzen (in der Umgebung) des Steißbeins]
ecol. urban diversity factor [in urban landscapes]Vielfältigkeitsfaktor {m} [Kiemstedt]
chem. emerald green [Paris green]Pariser Grün {n} [Kupfer(II)-arsenitacetat]
art English green [Brunswick green]braunschweigisches Grün {n}
chem. imperial green [Paris green]Schweinfurter Grün {n}
Irish green [shamrock green]Irischgrün {n}
chem. Vienna green [Paris green]Wiener Grün {n} [Kupfer(II)-arsenitacetat]
to go to waste [building, urban district etc.]verlottern [ugs.]
stanitsa [also: stanitza] [village in the Cossack regions of Russia]Staniza {f} [Kosakensiedlung]
ind. jobs green jobs [green-collar jobs]grüne Arbeitsplätze {pl} [auch: Green Jobs]
traffic travel green light [green traffic light]grüne Ampel {f}
pol. green party [also: Green party]Ökopartei {n}
chem. phthalo green [phthalocyanine green G]Phthalocyaningrün {n} [Pigment Grün 7]
city folk [people living in urban areas]Stadtmenschen {pl}
urban folk [people living in urban areas]Stadtmenschen {pl}
math. Green's formulas [Green's identities]greensche Formeln {pl}
blueish-green eyes [blue-green eyes]blaugrüne Augen {pl}
econ. green data room [also: green dataroom]grüner Datenraum {m}
film quote F Soylent Green is people! [Soylent Green]Soylent Grün ist Menschenfleisch! [Jahr 2022... die überleben wollen]
pol. Green [belonging to a Green Party] [capitalization varies]Grüner {m}
math. Green's theorem [also: theorem of Green]Satz {m} von Green [auch: Satz von Gauß-Green]
gastr. Frankfurt green sauce [also: Frankfurter green sauce]Frankfurter grüne Sauce {f}
gastr. Frankfurt green sauce [also: Frankfurter green sauce]Frankfurter grüne Soße {f}
pol. Green [female member of Green Party] [capitalization varies]Grüne {f}
med. green-sickness [also: green sickness] [archaic] [hypochromic anemia]hypochrome Anämie {f}
chem. phthalocyanine green (G) [C.I. Pigment Green 7]Helioechtgrün {n} [Phthalocyaningrün]
chem. phthalocyanine green (G) [C.I. Pigment Green 7]Phthalocyaningrün {n} [Pigment Grün 7]
bot. T
entom. T
film F A French Vampire in America [John Landis] [alternative title in some regions of "Innocent Blood"]Bloody MarieEine Frau mit Biss
educ. relig. [unofficial title used by a theologian in German speaking regions after completion of the first (theoretical) examination]Kandidat {m} der Theologie <cand. theol.> [deutschspr. Raum]
ecol. textil. the green button [also: the Green Button] [certification mark for sustainable textiles]der Grüne Knopf {m}
beastlily {adv} [in an animal-like manner, cruelly, extremely, etc.] [preferred: in a beastly manner, way, etc.]tierisch [tierähnlich, grausam, ungeheuer usw.]
bot. chlorosis [a deficiency of chlorophyll in green plants]Chlorophyllmangel {m} [Chlorose]
orn. T
pol. red-green alliance [Germany; alliance of the SPD and The Green Party]Rot-Grün [auch: Rotgrün] [kurz] [rot-grüne Koalition, d. h. Koalition von SPD und Grünen]
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