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butt ugly {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [esp. of a person: extremely unattractive]grottenhässlich [ugs.]
Teilweise Übereinstimmung
mineral. nuggety {adj} [esp. Aus. / NZ] [coll.] [of a person]stämmig [gedrungen]
chamber [archaic] [esp. private rooms of a noble person]Gemach {n} [veraltet] [poet.] [selten noch geh.]
whack job [Am.] [coll.] [a mad or extremely eccentric person]Verrückter {m} [Spinner, exzentrische Person]
tuchis [esp. Am.] [Yidd.] [cf. tuchus, tukhus, etc.] [rear end of a person]Toches {m} [jidd.] [heute selten] [Gesäß]
identikit [Identi-Kit®, trademark in the U.S.] [used for a method of creating a picture (as of the face of a person wanted by police)]Identikit {n} [Identi-Kit®]
[an ethnic slur or hate word referring to a person of Middle Eastern, esp. Turkish, origin]Kümmeltürke {m} [pej.] [Hasswort]
to make a bow [esp. of a young male person: bend forward in reverence or thanks]einen Diener machen [veraltend]
butt ugly {adj} [Am.] [coll.]potthässlich [ugs.]
to drag sb. before sb. [esp. before a person of authority]jdn. vor jdn. schleifen [bes. vor Autoritätsperson]
hist. carte de visite <c.d.v., CDV> [a small photographic portrait of a person, mounted on a piece of card; popular in the 1860s]Visitkarton {m} [Carte de Visite, CdV, ca. 1860]
carer [esp. Br.] [person who accompanies a disabled person, e.g. to an event]Begleitperson {f} [eines Behinderten]
[a person in constant pursuit of fame, which plans to commit a crime as a means of achieving fame]Herostrat {m} [ein Verbrecher aus Geltungsbedürfnis]
butt [of a cigarette]Kippe {f}
butt [of a knife]Knauf {m} [eines Messers]
weapons butt [of a rifle]Kolben {m}
minger [Br.] [coll.] [pej.] [unattractive person]Hackfresse {f} [derb] [pej.] [hässliche Person]
mini-me [coll.] [person who resembles a smaller version of another person]Kleinausgabe {f} [ugs.] [Person, die wie eine Version in klein von jd. anders wirkt]
to larn sb. sth. [esp. Br.] [from a dialect form of learn] [to teach, esp. a lesson]jdm. etw. beibringen
eight ball [Am.] [sl.] [a person esp. a soldier, often in trouble]Pechvogel {m} [ugs.]
archi. constr. to jetty [project, jut] [used esp. of a part of a building]auskragen [Gebäudeteil, Bauteil] [überstehen]
archi. constr. to jetty [project, jut] [used esp. of a part of a building]vorkragen [auskragen]
agr. bot. gastr. tops {pl} [leaves, stems, and shoots of a plant, esp. those of a vegetable grown for its root]Kraut {n} [das Grüne, bes. von Wurzelgemüse]
sprawl [a sprawling position or posture of a person]Lümmelposition {f} [ugs.]
wisp [wispy (little) fellow ] [a wisp of a person]Krischperl {n} [Grischperl {n}] [dial.] [bayer.] [österr.] [auch pej.]
[sleeping with a person at a lower rung of society]Runterschlafen {n} [ugs.] [pej.] [selten] [mit jdm. unter der eigenen sozialen Stellung schlafen]
technician [a person skilled in the technique of a craft]Fachmann {m}
skinny {adj} [of a person or part of their body]mager [Person, Körperteil]
to make ugly [person]enlaidieren [veraltet]
Honorary Consul [capitalized as honorary title for a Person, the title of a book and a movie]Honorarkonsul {m}
hist. retainer [supporter of a person of rank]Dienstmann {m}
[a Swiss person hailing from one of the founding cantons of Switzerland]Urschweizer {m}
art mus. to improvise [esp. as a single person]frei phantasieren
greyness [esp. Br.] [of person] [anonymity]Gesichtslosigkeit {f}
to be stood up [coll.] [to be the victim of a person failing to appear for a date]versetzt werden [ugs.] [bei einer Verabredung]
to get stood up [coll.] [to be the victim of a person failing to appear for a date]sitzengelassen werden
to get stood up [coll.] [to be the victim of a person failing to appear for a date]versetzt werden [ugs.] [bei einer Verabredung]
to integrate [esp. person into a group, society]sich integrieren
psych. body image [a person's perception of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body]Körperschema {n} [neuropsychologische Korrelation der Wahrnehmung von realem Körper mit der Vorstellung vom eigenen Körper]
telltale [esp. Br.] [pej.] [person, especially a child]Petze {f} [ugs.] [pej.]
equest. turfite [esp. Am.] [a person devoted to horse racing]Liebhaber {m} von Pferderennen
equest. turfman [esp. Am.] [a person devoted to horse racing]Liebhaber {m} von Pferderennen
idiom to be a sucker for sb./sth. [sl.] [cannot resist a person or a particular kind of thing, task etc.]jdm./etw. nicht widerstehen können
ethn. redbone [Am.] [esp. Louisiana] [person of mixed race] [pej.]Redbone {m}
approachable {adj} [of a person]zugewandt [fig.]
available {adj} [of a person]abkömmlich
awkward {adj} [of a person]unbetamt [österr.] [ugs.] [aus dem Jiddischen] [ungeschickt]
biasing {adj} [of a person]beeinflussend [einseitig]
clingy {adj} [of a person]klammernd [schwer loslassen könnend]
decrepit {adj} [of a person]abgelebt [verbraucht, entkräftet]
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