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NOUN   an apricot harvest | apricot harvests
agr. hort. apricot harvestAprikosenernte {f}
agr. hort. apricot harvestMarillenernte {f} [österr.]
Partial Matches
bot. gastr. T
bot. apricotMarelle {f} [österr.] [seltene Rsv.]
bot. gastr. apricotMarille {f} [österr.]
apricot {adj} [attr.]Aprikosen-
bot. apricot blossomAprikosenblüte {f} [einzelne Blüte]
bot. apricot blossomMarillenblüte {f} [österr.] [einzelne Blüte]
gastr. apricot brandyAprikosenschnaps {m}
gastr. apricot brandyMarillenbrand {m} [österr.]
gastr. apricot cakeAprikosenkuchen {m}
gastr. apricot cakeMarillenkuchen {m} [österr.]
gastr. apricot compoteMarillenkompott {n} [österr.]
gastr. apricot dumplingMarillenknödel {m} [österr.] [Aprikosenkloß]
gastr. apricot glaceAprikotur {f}
gastr. apricot glazeAprikosenglasur {f}
gastr. apricot glazeAprikosensauce {f} [als Glasur]
gastr. apricot jamAprikosenkonfitüre {f}
gastr. apricot jamAprikosenmarmelade {f}
gastr. apricot jamMarillenmarmelade {f} [österr.]
gastr. apricot jellyAprikosengelee {n} {m}
gastr. apricot juiceAprikosensaft {m}
gastr. apricot juiceMarillensaft {m} [österr.]
apricot kernelAprikosenkern {m}
gastr. apricot liqueurMarillenlikör {m} [österr.]
bot. apricot stoneAprikosenkern {m}
gastr. apricot strudelMarillenstrudel {m} [österr.]
gastr. apricot tartAprikosentorte {f}
gastr. apricot tasteAprikosengeschmack {m}
bot. apricot treeAprikosenbaum {m}
hort. apricot treeMarillenbaum {m} [österr.] [bayer.]
gastr. stewed apricotAprikosenkompott {n}
apricot-colored {adj} [Am.]aprikosenfarben
apricot-colored {adj} [Am.]apricot
apricot-coloured {adj} [Br.]aprikosenfarben
apricot-coloured {adj} [Br.]apricot
FoodInd. gastr. apricot-flavored {adj} [Am.]mit Aprikosengeschmack [nachgestellt]
apricot-flavoured {adj} [Br.]mit Aprikosengeschmack [nachgestellt]
FoodInd. gastr. apricot flavor [Am.]Aprikosengeschmack {m}
FoodInd. gastr. apricot flavour [Br.]Aprikosengeschmack {m}
bot. hort. apricot blossom seasonAprikosenblüte {f} [Saison]
bot. hort. apricot blossom seasonMarillenblüte {f} [österr.] [Saison]
gastr. apricot ice creamAprikoseneis {n}
gastr. apricot ice creamMarilleneis {n} [österr.]
gastr. apricot kernel oilAprikosenkernöl {n}
bot. T
gastr. glazing with apricot jamAprikotieren {n} [fachspr.]
mycol. T
mycol. T
mycol. T
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