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earliest {adj} [most ancient]
busiest {adj} [most traffic]
main {adj} [attr.] [most important]
chief {adj} [attr.] [most important]
chief {adj} [attr.] [most important]
primary {adj} [most important]
salient {adj} [most noticeable or important, e.g. feature, points of arguments]
Haupt- [hervorstechend, z. B. Merkmal oder Eigenschaft, Punkte der Argumentation]
purdy {adj} [regional] [not acceptable English in most settings]
best {adj} [most favourable]
yummiest {adj} [coll.] [most delicious]
fanciest {adj} [most fanciful]
approachable {adj} [accessible to most people]zum Anfassen [nachgestellt] [ugs.]
commonest {adj} [also: most common]am häufigsten
constantest {adj} [rare] [archaic] [most constant]beständigste
fairest {adj} [most just]gerechteste
fattest {adj} [most overweight]dickste
frilliest {adj} [most superfluously ornamental]aufgeputzteste
knottiest {adj} [fig.] [most puzzling]verwickeltste
proudest {adj} [most protruding]hervorstehendste
rockiest {adj} [most unsteady]wackeligste
smuggest {adj} [most offensively self-complacent]süffisanteste
soberest {adj} [most objective or least drunk]nüchternste
soberest {adj} [most objective]sachlichste
woodiest {adj} [most forested]waldigste
yummiest {adj} [coll.] [most attractive]schickste
EU oenol. to enrich sth. [grape juice or must with sugar] [chaptalize]etw. mit Zucker anreichern [Traubensaft, Most] [chaptalisieren]
to front sth. [be the most prominent member in a group of people]Frontmann von etw.Dat. sein
to showcase sth. [make the most of]etw. zur Geltung bringen [zur Schau stellen, ins rechte Licht rücken]
agr. corn [England: wheat (being the chief cereal crop of most districts)]
Weizen {m} [hier: als Hauptgetreide einer Region]
hist. relig. spec. [1165 oaths by Frederick Babarossa and most princes at Würzburg to support (anti-)Pope Paschal III against Alexander III]Würzburger Eide {pl}
archi. [most magnificent part of a boulevard]Prachtmeile {f}
neol. [most or very important person in one's life]Lebensmensch {m}
hist. [various translations: vow of the loyal followers, vow of most faithful allegiance, proclamation of loyalty of German writers, promise of most loyal obedience]Gelöbnis {n} treuester Gefolgschaft [Treuegelöbnis von 88 deutschen Schriftstellern und Dichtern für Adolf Hitler]
dent. zool. diastema [in mammals most commonly between the incisors and molars]Affenlücke {f}
name pol. JFK [most prominent nickname of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy]John F. Kennedy {m} <JFK>
zool. T
queen [most outstanding woman in a group or sphere]Queen {f} [ugs.] [im Mittelpunkt stehende weibliche Person oder führend auf einem bestimmten Gebiet]
fin. hist. shinplaster [Am.] [Can.] [Aus.] [in most cases privately issued fractional paper currency]Ersatzpapiergeld {n} [Notgeld von geringem Nennwert]
the killer [Am.] [coll.] [most impressive thing]die Krönung {f} [fig.] [Höhepunkt]
esot. relig. Wicca [religion; most Wiccans in the USA]Wicca {n} [Religion mit Schwerpunkt in den USA]
2 Wörter: Andere
at best {adv} [at (the) most]wenn es hoch kommt [ugs.] [im günstigsten Fall, höchstens]
for one, ... {adv} [with a single given example, often the most obvious or important one]vor allem ...
med. high grade {adj} <G4> [stage 4 acc. to TNM classification of malignant tumours] [most of these tumors are inoperable]niedrig differenziert <G4> [Grading (Angabe, wie differenziert das Tumorgewebe ist) nach TNM-Klassifikation; Tumore meistens inoperabel]
most (highly) {adv} [e.g. most (highly) developed]am höchsten [in höchstem Maße] [z. B. am höchsten entwickelt]
hist. most illustrious {adj} [also: most high or most serene] [part of the salutory address of a majesty]allerdurchlauchtig [Teil der Anrede einer Majestät]
most popular {adj} [e.g. most in-demand language]meistgefragt [z. B. Sprache]
most prominent {adj} [most famous or important]am prominentesten [nur prädikativ]
single most {adv} {adj} [e.g. single most important]aller- [z. B. allerwichtigste]
very obedient {adj} [most humble]alleruntertänigst [veraltet]
2 Wörter: Substantive
comp. neol. basement dweller [here: young person who spends most of their time in their room, in front of a computer]Kellerkind {n} [ugs.] [hier: Jugendlicher, der seine Freizeit vorwiegend vor dem Computer verbringt]
naut. cruising speed [most economical speed]Marschfahrt {f}
chem. Deet / DEET® [the most common active ingredient in insect repellents]DEET® {n} [Diethyltoluamid; chemisches Insektenabwehrmittel]
sports front runner [football player who plays the most forward position]Spitze {f} [Fußballspieler, der die am weitesten vorgeschobene Position spielt]
bibl. relig. inmost being [one's most private nature]Innerstes {n} [innerstes Wesen]
hist. Middle Ages {pl} <MA> [most often treated as sg.]Mittelalter {n} <MA>
acc. mining ore reserve [most often used in the plural]Erzreserve {f}
relig. Redemptorist Order [Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer]Redemptoristen {pl} <CSSR> [lateinisch: Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris]
self-canonisation [Br.] [by fixing a representative selection of one's most important works]Selbstkanonisierung {f}
self-canonization [by fixing a representative selection of one's most important works]Selbstkanonisierung {f}
oenol. sweet reserve [unfermented must used to sweeten wines]Süßreserve {f} [unfermentierter Most zur Süßung von Weinen]
med. working diagnosis [provisional diagnosis of the most likely nature of a disease]Arbeitsdiagnose {f}
3 Wörter: Verben
to corner the market [buy most of sth. particular in order to control the price][ein Produkt aufkaufen um den Preis zu manipulieren]
to fall on / upon sb. [most of the work etc.]auf jdn. entfallen [der Großteil der Arbeit etc.]
3 Wörter: Substantive
med. carcinoma in situ <CIS> [synonymous with high-grade dysplasia in most organs]Carcinoma in situ {n} <CIS>
games million-dollar question [most difficult to answer]Millionenfrage {f} [fig.] [entscheidende Frage]
bike old-style bike [heavy, most often black]Waffenrad {n} [ugs.] [österr.]
4 Wörter: Andere
at the sharp end {adv} [fig.] [at the most risky or unpleasant part of a system or activity]an / in vorderster Front [fig]
4 Wörter: Substantive
idiom flavour of the month [most popular person or thing] [coll.] [Br.]Hit {m} des Monats
5+ Wörter: Verben
gastr. travel TrVocab. to be the best / prime / top hotel locally [also: to be the most exquisite / most luxurious local hotel]das erste / beste Haus am Platz sein
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
zool. T
zool. T
fish T
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