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06:32archi. building stoneMauerstein {m} [bes. unregelmäßig geformt]cam jpx
06:31archi.psych. inner spaceInnenraum {m}cam jpx
02:46jobs to decruit sb. [euph.] [lay off, fire]jdn. freisetzen [euph.] [entlassen, feuern]BHM tra cam
02:45to follow through on / with sth.etw. [Akk.] durchziehen [ugs.] [(trotz Hindernissen) zu Ende führen]BHM Mar jum tra ksg cam
02:01dope [coll.] [idiot]Dumpfbacke {f} [ugs.] [salopp]bom Mar
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Guess translation for: etw. drücken
A: to winchB: to overweigh sth.C: to hit sth.D: to bodycheck sb.

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