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cloth. bunting [one-piece cold-weather outfit for a baby]Schneeanzug {m} [für Babys, Kleinkinder]
Partial Matches
cloth. fish sports waders {pl} [one pair] [high waterproof boots or a one-piece waterproof garment (pants with attached boots)]Anglerhose {f} [Watstiefel oder Wathose (Hose mit angesetzten Stiefeln)]
cloth. onesie [one-piece garment for adults] [esp. Br.] [from Onesies®, brand of infant bodysuits]Einteiler {m} [Kleidungsstück, z. B. Body]
games exchange [chess: rook for a minor piece]Qualität {f} [Schach: Turm gegen Leichtfigur]
commission [fee paid to an agent or employee for transacting a piece of business or performing a service]Prozent {n} [Verdienstanteil]
to abandon sb./sth. [e.g. a baby, a dog] [on a road, in a forest, etc.]jdn./etw. aussetzen [z. B. ein Baby, einen Hund] [an (seltener: auf) einer Straße, im Wald usw.]
snake oil [a liquid with dubious medicinal value but sold as a cure for at least one illness]Quacksalberprodukt {n}
cloth. to clothe sb. [esp. with a uniform or with a complete outfit]jdn. einkleiden [mit notwendiger Kleidung versehen]
cab driver [for a one-horse vehicle]Droschkenkutscher {m}
to give sb. change [coins for a banknote, a little money for a certain purpose, to a beggar, etc.]jdm. Kleingeld geben [Münzen für einen Geldschein, etwas Geld für einen bestimmten Zweck, einem Bettler etc.]
curr. berry [1930's British slang for a one pound note]Ein-Pfund-Note {f}
dustbin [Br.] [a container for household refuse, especially one kept outside]Dreckeimer {m} [ugs.] [Mülleimer, Abfalleimer im Freien]
due date [for baby]erwarteter Geburtstermin {m}
to massacre sb./sth. [coll.] [fig.] [e.g. a piece of music, a play; a sporting opponent]jdn./etw. massakrieren [ugs.] [fig.] [z. B. ein Musikstück, Theaterstück; einen Wettkampfgegner]
blankey [baby talk for blanket]Deckchen {n} [Bettdeckchen]
drum [cylindrical receptacle, especially a large, metal one for storing or transporting liquids]Fass {n} [bes. aus Metall und für Flüssigkeiten, z. B. Ölfass]
abandoned {adj} {past-p} [e.g. a baby, a dog]ausgesetzt [z. B. ein Baby, ein Hund]
sheet metal {sg} [more than one piece]Bleche {pl}
(all) of a piece {adv} [of one piece](völlig) aus einem Stück
(all) of a piece {adv} [of one piece]ganz aus einem Stück
teats [Br.] [rubber nipple for baby bottles]Flaschensauger {pl}
med. psych. nappy brain [coll. for: baby brain syndrome]Mutterschaftsdemenz {f} [ugs.]
to sport sth. [wear a piece of clothing (but not a hat)]etw. anhaben [ein auffälliges Kleidungsstück]
bae [Am.] [coll.] [short for babe, baby] [term of endearment]Schatzi {n} [ugs.] [Kosename unter Liebenden]
med. to deliver [a baby]entbinden
rug [esp. Br.] [blanket (esp. one used as a wrap or lap robe for travellers)]Wolldecke {f} [bes. Reisedecke]
hist. carte de visite <c.d.v., CDV> [a small photographic portrait of a person, mounted on a piece of card; popular in the 1860s]Visitkarton {m} [Carte de Visite, CdV, ca. 1860]
bot. T
to change sb. [a baby]jdn. windeln [einen Säugling]
ghoulish {adj} [gruesome] [also fig. for: very bad, e.g. ghoulish weather]schaurig [grauenhaft] [auch fig. für: schlimm, z. B. schauriges Wetter]
to have an in [for joining a group, for initiating a deal, etc.] [Am.] [coll.]einen Anknüpfungspunkt haben
jobs to release sb. from duty [for a time, for a certain purpose]jdn. freistellen [vom Dienst, vorübergehend]
idiom on one's own account {adv} [for one's own purposes, for oneself]in eigener Sache
wooden plate [cutting board used for snacks with bread, cold cuts, cheese, etc.]Jausenbrettl {n} [österr.] [Abendbrotbrett]
crawling stage [of a baby]Krabbelalter {n}
ohnosecond [coll.] [hum.] [also: onosecond] [the moment in which one realizes that one has made a serious mistake, typically by pressing the wrong key on a computer keyboard][der Moment, wo einem klar wird, dass man gerade einen gewaltigen Fehler gemacht hat, typischerweise ein falscher Tastendruck]
[The one piece of food left that everybody wants but doesn't dare to eat]Anstandsstück {n} [hum.]
hardened {adj} [of a person] [cold, insensitive]abgebrüht [ugs.] [hart, unempfindlich]
meteo. [a cold spell around June 11th]Schafkälte {f}
meteo. [a cold spell around June 11th]Schafskälte {f}
[a person who feels cold easily]eine Frostbeule {f} [fig.] [hum.] [Person]
husky voice [esp. due to a cold]belegte Stimme {f}
to kick [of a baby or infant]strampeln [eines Babys oder eines Kleinkindes]
to rock sb./sth. [a baby etc.]jdn./etw. wiegen [sanft schaukeln]
baby talk [babbling of a baby]Babybrabbeln {n} [ugs.]
baby talk [babbling of a baby]Babygebrabbel {n} [ugs.]
baby talk [babbling of a baby]Brabbeln {n} [eines Babys] [ugs.]
bloodlessly {adv} [in a cold or ruthless manner]auf herzlose Weise
husky {adj} [voice, esp. when due to a cold]belegt [Stimme]
meteo. cold region [of a weather system]Kaltsektor {n}
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