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22:53ind. production delayProduktionsverzögerung {f}ely m0m
22:53ind. production optimizationProduktionsoptimierung {f}ely m0m
21:33mineral. muriate of ammonia [also: ammonium muriate] [NH4Cl]Salmiak {m}Mar git
21:02chem. azobenzene [C12H10N2]Azobenzol {n}Mar BHM
21:00chem. hydrogen hypochlorite [hypochlorous acid] [HOCl]hypochlorige Säure {f}Mar BHM
Voice:craig by Chessschmutzig by Miogas741,464,986 more »
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News & History (RSS)
2023-11-14: Romanian-English has just left beta stage!
Today the number of 30,000 translations was exceeded! Thanks and congratulations to the contributors!
2023-11-06: 21 years of dict.cc!
This year I added several new features that were requested a lot over the years, to the apps and to the website. For example the lockscreen widget for iPhone or the possibility to search all languages at the same time. Another such feature, for the vocabulary trainer section, is currently in the works.

Here are the statistics for 2023:
1,268,426 German-English translations, 2,210,325 translations in other language pairs
1,461,288 audio recordings, 1,461,288 inflection entries and 404,996 illustrating images
300,985 registered users, 37,802 of them contributors

And another interesting number: In total, the dict.cc website has answered 26,107,000,000 dictionary queries by now, including around 1.4 billion in the last year alone. Many thanks to the contributors making this possible!
2023-09-08: DE/FR - 100k!
German-French has reached 100,000 entries today! This makes French the first language to reach this milestone in both language pairs! Congratulations to all of the contributors!
2023-08-08: Simultaneous search in all languages
This functionality was requested many times over the years. I'm unsure about the practical purpose of this when doing translation work, but I think it's definitely interesting for studying similarities between different languages or listening to how a given term sounds in different languages. Or maybe you heard or read a word and you're not even sure which language it was in. Just enter it and see what languages come up.

The search results are grouped by language families and the languages within the families are sorted by the amount of speakers. It's also possible to select only a few languages for comparison.

Try it out here: Translations in all languages on the same page